7 foods from 7 states in India that may also help boost immunity!

Immunity-boosting foods from different states of India: Winter is here, and it’s time to enjoy the cold weather, warm, cozy gloves, and a variety of seasonal foods and beverages. Unfortunately, this season also brings with it certain health issues that affect our overall immunity. Therefore, nutritionists and health experts always recommend modifying your diet to include immunity-boosting foods to stay nourished and enjoy the season to the fullest. After all, you don’t want to be constantly at the doctor’s office all winter long.
In this article, we’ll go beyond the regular immunity-boosting foods and highlight some popular options from different states in India. This handpicked list of immunity-boosting foods from different states of India will not only make your meals healthy but also add variety to your daily diet. Please read on.
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Immunity-boosting foods: 7 recipes from 7 states of India that you must try:

1. Harissa from Kashmir:

Let’s start the list of foods that boost immunity in the region starting from Kashmir. In addition to its picturesque natural beauty, the state offers a variety of unique, warm, and delicious foods. One such dish is harissa, a dish made with milk, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and various other spices along with soft, juicy meat. These spices combine to enhance the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of this dish, helping us stay warm and prevent various seasonal illnesses. Click here for the recipe.

2. Sarson ka saag and makki roti from Punjab:

This combination needs no separate introduction. Sarson ka saag and makki roti are classics of Punjabi cuisine that boost immunity and add to the mood of the season. Both mustard greens (sarson) and corn atta (makki) are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that help boost immune health. Pair this meal with a piece of jaggery for a delicious addition. Click here for the recipe.

3. Tehri from Uttar Pradesh:

The staple food of the region, tehri is a mixture of rice, vegetables and spices and is a cross between khichdi and pulao. It’s wholesome, satisfying, and packed with immune-boosting nutrients. Typically, tehri includes peas, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes, but you can try vegetables according to your choice. Try this immunity-boosting food this winter and enjoy. Click here for the recipe.
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4. Undhiyu from Gujarat:

If a Gujarati was asked to name one immunity-boosting food from the region, undhiyu would be the first dish on the list. Undhiyu means “upside down” in Gujarati – the name comes from the traditional way of cooking the dish. This is a medley of winter vegetables that goes well with theplas and puris dripping with ghee. Click here for the recipe.

5. Siddu, from Himachal Pradesh:

Have you tried siddu from Himachal Pradesh? It is most popular in the districts of Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Mandi and Rohru and is essentially a dish with different types of fillings local steamed buns. Sidhu is stuffed with warm and healthy ingredients such as ghee and walnuts. Drizzle with ghee and enjoy hot. Click here for the recipe.

6. Nolen gur payesh from West Bengal:

In Bengal, winter is synonymous with nolen gur (fresh jaggery made with date juice). Not only is it delicious and aromatic, it can also be used to make a variety of seasonal desserts. One of the popular winter recipes is nolen gur payesh. It’s a cheese made from gourd, rice, milk and dry fruits that helps keep you warm from within. Nolen gurer payesh can also be considered a perfect immunity-boosting food from Bengal due to the nutritional content in milk, jaggery and dry fruits. Click here for the recipe.

7. Rasam from Tamil Nadu:

Finally, we had the desi soup – rasam. Popular in Tamil Nadu and neighboring southern states, rasam is made from pulses and a range of immunity-boosting spices including pepper, cumin, hing and others. You can consume this immune-boosting food as is or pair it with rice and chapatis for a healthy meal. The best part is, you’ll find different variations of rasam recipes that will add uniqueness to your meal every time. Click here to see some of our favorite rasam recipes.
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Now that you have a list of immunity-boosting foods from different states of India, we recommend adding them to your winter diet for a healthy eating experience. But remember, too much of anything can be harmful to your health. So, eat these warm and healthy dishes in moderation and enjoy winter to the fullest.

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