AdvaMed announces medical imaging division

World’s largest medical imaging company joins world’s largest medical technology association

Washington DC, Today, AdvaMed, the medical technology association, announced the creation of a new medical imaging technology division dedicated to advocating on behalf of companies large and small for the important role medical imaging technology, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast agents and focused ultrasound equipment play in our nation’s health care system. Leading medical imaging companies including Bayer, Fujifilm Sonosite, GE HealthCare, Hologic, Philips and Siemens Healthineers have officially launched AdvaMed as a new advocacy center representing medical imaging companies that have previously Part of the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA), a division of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Scott Whitaker, AdvaMed President and CEO: This new division is a major step forward not only for the field of medical imaging, but also for AdvaMed and the medical technology industry as a whole. Medical technology has never been more interconnected and interdependent than it is today, and this is really just the beginning. From traditional medical devices to digital health technologies to artificial intelligence and medical imaging, this is a great opportunity to unify the industry and advance policy solutions for the healthcare system. No trade organization is better positioned than AdvaMed to represent the entire medical technology industry and address these advocacy challenges so that our members can continue to focus on what they do best to meet the needs of the patients they serve.

Finally, the timing could not be better for Peter Arduini to be elected as our new Chairman. His leadership of GE HealthCare, a global leader in medical imaging, drug diagnostics and digital solutions, will provide AdvaMed with strategic insights and direction as we work to ensure that companies across all areas of medical technology maintain a consistent and inclusive focus.

Peter J. Arduini, president and CEO of GE HealthCare and newly elected chairman of AdvaMed’s board of directors, talks about the new unit: We are in a new era in which healthcare providers and patients rely on medical imaging and digital solutions to gain critical insights across the entire care pathway—from screening, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment delivery, and research and discovery. As Chairman, I look forward to working with Scott and colleagues from across the industry to build AdvaMeds’ new imaging division and ensure it is aligned and integrated with our overall goals as a medical technology industry.

Patrick Hope, executive director of MITA since 2015, will now serve as executive director of AdvaMed’s new medical imaging technology division.hope to say: The future is brighter than ever for the medical imaging companies we serve at MITA. Our new home at AdvaMed makes perfect sense: for the first time, we will be surrounded by a team, infrastructure and resources that are entirely focused on the patients the company serves. We will work directly with health technology policy experts at the state, national and global levels. I am 100% confident that our companies will see more value than ever before from working together under the AdvaMed umbrella.

Imaging plays a vital role in our healthcare system from diagnosis to treatment:

  • In the United States, a medical image is taken every 3 seconds
  • Imaging technology accounts for approximately 80% of FDA-approved AI technologies

Like AdvaMeds Accel, Dx and Digital Health Technology divisions, AdvaMeds’ new medical imaging technology division will be led by a board of directors comprised of senior executives from imaging company members. The new unit will be led within AdvaMed by Patrick Hope, former executive director of the Medical Imaging Technology Alliance (MITA). Mr. Hope and Peter Weems, who are responsible for MITA’s government affairs and policy strategy, along with other staff, will address future staffing needs across AdvaMed’s divisions.

The launch of the digital health division follows AdvaMeds’ announcement last month. Whitaker said the recent formation of these two divisions is further evidence that AdvaMed is well-positioned to lead the overall medical technology industry in advocacy.

In January, AdvaMed will launch an updated version of the 118 Healthcare Innovation Agendath Congress has outlined a list of policy and legislative priorities critical to patient care, which will include a new set of priorities in medical imaging.


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