Can Vernos really make you feel better?we investigate

In some states, maybe an apple a day could keep the doctor away.

But in Michigan, when in doubt, try Vernos.

For more than 150 years, Vernors has provided delicious ginger-flavored carbonated beverages to Detroiters and many others around the world. But for a long time, Michigan moms and dads gave their kids the local beverage when they showed signs of stomach aches, sore throats, colds and any other illness.

Today, it’s part of Michigan culture while enjoying the cherries of Traverse City, letting the Lions break your heart, and fighting for the North’s starting point. (Obviously, stand up)

But this begs the question: Can Vernos really help me with my cold? Still have stomachache? If so, why?

This is not an attempt to circumvent physician-recommended treatments, nor is it an invitation to delve into conspiracy concoctions. Journalists at the Free Press and elsewhere have been fighting medical misinformation.

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