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The Vegas Strong Resilience Center provides services to meet the immediate needs of visitors and the community for trauma-related care. The center is a resource center that addresses individual needs and works closely with crisis support services provided by University of Nevada, Las Vegas students, faculty and staff. Please call 702-455-AIDE (2433) or visit their website.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Resources

UNLV is offering a variety of mental health and counseling services to help the campus community process the painful school shooting that occurred on Dec. 6.

People often experience a range of emotions after experiencing such traumatic events. These feelings may include shock, sadness, numbness, fear, anger, disillusionment, grief, etc.

We encourage anyone dealing with the effects of trauma to seek the following services:

  • Students can fill out a student support form to gain access to many student support resources at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • Beginning Thursday, December 7, Counseling and Psychological Services for Students (CAPS) will provide crisis support services to students through in-person and telehealth options. Please contact 702-895-3627 for support services.
  • The Student Health Center and Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center will be open and offering comprehensive health care services. Please contact 702-895-3370 for more information.
  • UNLV faculty and staff are also encouraged to use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP is a UNLV-sponsored program administered by ComPsych. To make an appointment, please contact 833-475-1995 or 800-697-0353. Toll-free numbers give you direct 24/7 access to an advisor who will answer your questions and refer you to a counselor or other resources if needed. In addition to counseling services, ComPsych provides online resources for victims and survivors of gun violence. ComPsych services are confidential and available to UNLV employees and their families. To register on the ComPsych website, please enter your organization’s Web ID: UNLVEAP.
  • PEBP members can access online therapy services through the Member Assistance Program (MAP). Use access code FP3EAP to enter anonymously or call 1-877-660-3806, TTY 711.
  • Members of the PEBP PPO plan have access to Doctor on Demand, which provides a variety of online mental health services.
  • The UNLV School of Social Work is offering Zoom sessions to provide counseling to staff. Employees may contact Carlton Craig, dean of the School of Social Work, at to schedule a Zoom meeting.
  • The UNLV Office of Ombudsman is always open to the campus community to resolve interpersonal and group issues and provide accommodations. If you are currently struggling with an interpersonal (supervisor/employee, peer/peer, or other) issue or a group/organizational issue, you can make an appointment with the Office of the Ombudsman. Or, if you’d like to discuss any other work questions related to an upcoming event, you can contact us by filling out this form, visiting the contact page, or scheduling an appointment using Google Calendar.
  • Any undocumented individual affected by the December 6 shooting is encouraged to contact the UNLV Undocumented Student Program for support at or by visiting the Undocumented Student Program website. Additionally, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Immigration Clinic advises that it is in the interest of any non-citizen who witnesses a shooting to obtain immediate legal counsel. To achieve this goal, they have increased the number of counseling appointments with members of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas community to provide immigration-based legal screening and advice during this difficult time. This service is completely confidential. Please go to the clinic website to request an appointment for consultation. If you are interested in attending an information session at the Immigration Clinic, please complete this interest form.

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