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The first plant used to produce oil in prehistoric times, sesame originally came from South Asia and Africa.

The scientific name of sesame is Sesamum indicum and it belongs to the Pedaliaceae family. Sodium edible and medicinal plants.

Sesame is a plant grown from seeds.

Sesame seeds are widely respected, especially by China, which is Africa’s main supplier.

Even on the mainland, many people use it for its medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Africa exported more than 400,000 tons of sesame to China in 2021, according to data from N’Kal, an initiative of the non-governmental organization RONGEAD that provides statistics on the agricultural sector in West and Central Africa.

Dis accounts for 60% of China’s global Dis seed purchases.

Sudan is China’s largest supplier with a production of 120,554 tons. Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Togo are also important customers of China.

What does Wedding sesame look like?

It is important to realize that Pipo sometimes confuses the seeds with pumpkin seeds or pistachio seeds.

Sesame is a tiny seed, the size of a grain of sand, and the plant is suitable for a height of up to two meters.

The sesame fruit is inside a rectangular capsule, which opens to reveal small, smooth seeds a few millimeters long.

Pumpkin seed (goussi in Mina) is a creeping plant with seeds ranging from 1 to 3 centimeters in size.

Real sesame seeds range in color from creamy white to black and sometimes even brown.

Dr. Mathieu Kpnou Tobossi, director of the dietary therapy cabinet at the NFS in Togo and an expert in hygiene and food quality, said this means they can buy several types of real sesame seeds.

According to Dr. Mathieu Kpnou Tobossi, two to four scoops a day, without any added tin, taken regularly, can remove a large amount of waste from the body.

Dr. Mathieu Kopnu Tobosi

This photo of Weiya comes from, Dr. Mathieu Kopnu Tobosi

We call them photos,

According to Dr. Mathieu Kpnou Tobossi, two to four scoops a day can eliminate a large amount of waste from the body

Impressive nutritional value

Dr Tobosi told BBC Africa that no matter what you eat, as long as you consume the right amount of sesame seeds, you will be able to excrete waste from your food the next day.

The small particles we see when buying sesame seeds from pastry shops as snacks. Let me explain, sesame seeds are very crunchy when you chop them because I insist that sesame seeds are very digestible.

Some people dispose of it directly after removing the sand.

But most people put them over the fire, roast small items, and store them in tightly closed bottles.

According to Dr. Togossi tok, as a nutritionist, I have not always recommended this product to my patients for over 10 years and I have always had good results.

I add: It is very helpful for patients with hypertension, diabetes, joint problems, neurological problems and OD.

It is also recommended for patients with palpitations, spasms, blurred vision, and insomnia.


This photo of Weiya comes from, Getty Images

We call them photos,

We see sesame seeds on croissants or burgers in pastry shops

sesame benefits

The benefits of sesame seeds come from its rich antioxidant content. Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, protein, lipids, minerals, especially vitamin B6.

The seeds can produce oil. Sesame oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has many benefits for the human body.

This oil can improve blood sugar levels in diabetics. Sesame seeds can lower blood pressure because they are rich in a nutrient called magnesium, which helps lower blood pressure.

Sesame seeds contain a large amount of plant sterols, which can prevent the production of bad cholesterol.

It also contains zinc, a collagen producer that makes skin more elastic.

Dr. Tobossi tok said that sesame oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals and ODA, and regular application of sesame oil can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Sesamol is a valuable supplement for the heart because sesamol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may prevent atherosclerosis.

Dr. Tobossi tok says sesame seeds are very good for the heart and blood vessels and can prevent diseases.

I add that phytic acid, magnesium and plant sterols make up a trio that is effective against the formation and progression of cancer cells.

Dr. Tobossi said E is also a good food to combat anxiety, bad moods and stress. E is said to contain calming and relaxing vitamins, thiamine and tryptophan, which are especially good for the brain.

Dem bin suggested that I use am to treat my insomnia. Really, really, I sleep with my toasted sesame seeds, simple, we are warehouse managers at the port of Cotonou.

Sesamol in sesame oil has an effect on DNA. They protect me from damage caused by radiation.

Nutritionists recommend sesame and sesame oil to workers in telephone companies, nuclear energy agencies, and hospital radiology departments.

Due to their high copper content, they can also treat arthritis. Sesame seeds also protect the liver from the effects of alcohol.

A handful of sesame seeds has more calcium than a glass of milk, which is why it’s good for your bones.

Nutritionists suggest that elderly people eating more sesame seeds can prevent osteoporosis.

After mixing the sesame seeds
We call them photos,

After mixing the sesame seeds

For the baby’s health

According to Dr. Tobosi, gently massaging babies with sesame oil can promote growth and lead to good sleep.

This oil can also correct the redness we see on babies’ skin, especially in the intimate areas when we remove napkins. You can rub this part with sesame oil.

Dr. Tobosi said sesame seeds, especially black sesame seeds, are very beneficial to eye health.

You can also use sesame oil to make a mouthwash to remove plaque. I emphasize that they can also whiten teeth.

I say that people with respiratory problems like asthma are also advised to use sesame seeds so that they can benefit from magnesium as magnesium can prevent respiratory spasms.

Sesame seeds, a delicious addition to the kitchen

Like many odas on the continent, sesame is also suitable for African food, especially Togo, Benin, Ghana and other countries. Many people use sesame seeds as a thickening agent for soups.

As Armand said, this is the right kind of happiness. When BBC Africa contacted Cotonou, I had no hesitation in recounting how my Togolese wife had been seduced by a sauce she made with sesame seeds on a trip to Lom.

Tahini, wit meat, smoked fish, crab and shrimp, once the food is in front of me, I won’t say no to anyone. I remember cutting sauce and dough for Ami at night at the small restaurant in the Lomnikonakpo district, and I remember my voice was full of emotion.

Sauce made with sesame seeds

Ironically, from that day on, I decided that I would not leave Ami, and today she is no longer my wife and the mother of my two children.

To make the sauce, Armand adds – and you can clearly see that saying this food is not going to win my heart – we mix sesame seeds into the paste, add tomato paste or vegetable paste.

The result is the appearance of a seed or peanut butter, but different due to my unique taste. I like dis sauce. My wife cooks for me once a week and I was happy especially when I learned that sesame seeds are good for my health.

But it’s not really beneficial after a fire

Dietitian Tobosi also acknowledges the delicious taste of tahini.

Many IM patients apparently believe in IM. Togolese cooking habits im kontri.

Except to say that sesame seeds lose a lot of their value when burned or made into sauces.

I explained that we can benefit from it too, but it’s not the same as when we eat it raw. Because heat destroys some of the nutrients in food.

According to me, the longer food passes through fire, the more certain virtues are lost. To benefit from the effridin contained in sesame seeds, I say, you chop it without saying you burn it. Just to add, if you are into toasting the buns, make the bread crispy.

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