Report released by national advocacy group reveals alarming lack of mental health care in America

washington, December 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/—— inseparableThe national nonprofit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to all today announced the release of a new report that reveals significant barriers to Americans’ ability to access mental health and substance use disorder services nationwide. “Improving mental health care: visit report” was developed by Inseparable using information compiled and analyzed by Milliman, a leading healthcare and actuarial consulting firm.

This report from Inseparable brings together multiple types of health insurance data, including follow-up care, suicide rates and the availability of mental health care, to create a comprehensive, groundbreaking portrait of the lack of mental health services in the United States.

Get the report includes state-by-state report cards that provide insights into the accessibility, availability and affordability of mental health care. Key findings include:

  • Americans don’t receive specific treatment for mental health problems: Despite having health insurance, two-thirds of people with mental health problems do not receive any specialized care, such as individual therapy or psychotropic medication management.
  • Treatment gaps vary significantly by insurance type: Among those with commercial insurance, 30.7% of people with mental health problems received skilled mental health care, compared with 44.3% of those on Medicaid.
  • Lack of follow-up care after an emergency room or hospital visit: Only one-third of people with a mental health or substance use disorder-related emergency room or hospital visit receive follow-up care from a mental health professional within 30 days, putting people at increased risk for relapse and readmission. Health insurance plans can improve this statistic by providing care coordination and ensuring people make timely appointments for follow-up care.

View the full report here.

“Inseparable is working to close the treatment gap for the millions of Americans who need mental health care but don’t get it. When we commissioned Milliman to conduct this study, we wanted to better understand who gets care and who doesn’t “What we learned is shocking: Despite federal laws designed to ensure better access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment, people are not receiving the critical care that can relieve suffering and save lives,” said Founder of Inseparable Bill Smith. “The good news is that legislators have an excellent opportunity to enact effective and popular policy solutions.”

Inseparable outlines more than a dozen evidence-based solutions for policymakers in its new report. Each recommendation addresses one of three main pillars: expanding care coverage; leveraging the existing mental health workforce; and promoting prevention and early intervention. It is hoped that this report will stimulate the exchange of open and effective policy solutions across the country. These discussions will help remove barriers that prevent or delay people from receiving adequate mental health care. Recognizing that each state is unique, these policy solutions can be tailored to local legislation and community priorities.

This is the latest development in Inseparable’s mission to improve mental health care in America Last month, Inseparable launched its mental health now Movements dedicated to ensuring mental health are at the forefront of national policy discussions. The campaign encourages elected officials and candidates to sign statements of support demonstrating their commitment to addressing the mental health epidemic in their areas of work.

Inseparable supports lawmakers across the country to enact policies that save lives and improve care for millions of Americans. Our three priority areas are promoting increased access to care, improving crisis response, and strengthening the capacity of youth mental health programs.

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