Expert reveals intriguing theory about Ozempic and why it seems to change people’s entire personalities: ‘It may warp the brain’

TikTok user Ashley Raibick says taking semaglutide to lose weight brought her sex drive to rock bottom, saying

They are designed to treat type 2 diabetes and repair metabolic defects that lead to fatal heart disease in patients. But it didn’t take long for researchers to notice an …

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Balanced diet: Study reveals impact of plant-based protein on Americans’ nutritional status

Study: Impact of Plant Protein Intakes on Nutrient Adequacy in the US. Image Credit: nnattalli / Shutterstock

In a recent study published in the journal Nutrientsresearchers explored the impact of increasing quartiles of dietary plant protein on nutritional adequacy in the United States. Dietary protein, especially amino …

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Claudia Oshry reveals her ‘biggest fear’ about ozone trip

Claudia Oshry reveals her 'biggest fear' about ozone trip

For Claudia Oshry, the toughest part of her Ozempic journey was quitting diet pills. The “Girl Without a Job” creator reflected on her decision to stop taking semaglutide in an …

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Report released by national advocacy group reveals alarming lack of mental health care in America

washington, December 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/—— inseparableThe national nonprofit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to all today announced the release of a new report that reveals significant barriers to …

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