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Mark Duplass is not a household name. He just happens to have a family face.

The actor-producer has been all over our screens in recent years, including co-starring on Apple TV+’s The Morning Show, as well as roles in The Mindy Project, Paddington and FX’s The League to name a few high-profile projects.

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You might think that with his busy Hollywood schedule, he doesn’t have the dangers of A-level fame, the respect of his community, or the ability to tell stories on his own terms through a production company.

This is both right and wrong.

Duplass has been sharing his mental health journey on Instagram, which may come as a shock to those who think his life is filled with happiness. Most stars use the platform to peddle products, promote their latest movies, or simply connect with admirers.

Duplass had other ideas.

He has been pulling back the curtain on his celebrity life by revealing his battle with depression and anxiety.

I feel a little sad today. Can I say that and accept it? Instead of worrying all day that this little sadness will grow into a monster of sadness that might bring me down? Maybe I can even be grateful for being able to hold onto this sadness (instead of running from it) and place it next to some of the hope I’ve been nurturing. Let them get along for a while, like nervous strangers at a dinner party. See what happens. Because, as many of you know, sadness is not the same as melancholy. Sadness is a feeling I’m grateful for. We can work with grief.

um, yes. I’m a little sad. And kind of hopeful. That’s pretty good.

How do you feel today?

It’s a far cry from the “brother” character he played on the FX series “The League,” which ran for five seasons and celebrated the kind of male relationships that eschewed therapeutic conversations.

Here’s another example:

There are so many things I can do/see/experience/consume every day [sic] It has increased dramatically throughout my life and I don’t think it has made me any happier.When I look back at some of the best moments in my life, they are surprisingly small. The quietness of a long winter hike, and the delayed gratification of eating a homemade 62-cent peanut butter and jelly sandwich after reaching the top. This extremely small thing is the most accessible and it really cheers me up right now. I hope it does something similar for you.

Sometimes his updates are mildly positive and life-affirming. He might then share some of the singer-songwriters who helped him through his artistic struggles, such as Cassandra Jenkins, The Milk Carton Kids, Adrianne Lenker ) and paper kites (The Paper Kites).

They’re not a household name either, but we bet some of Duplass’s followers will be looking into their music sooner or later.

This isn’t a one-way conversation, nor is it an opportunity for celebrities to talk about their emotional state. His deeply personal essays inspired a flood of feedback from fans and those eager to hear the latest from him. Mental health professionals also weighed in, praising his efforts to connect with his followers in ways that transcend celebrity circles.

He also uses Instagram to chat with mental health experts at nonprofits Write love on her arm About how he feels and how together they can help others. Additionally, these social media campaigns raise funds for mental health scholarships, to which he is willing to donate up to $10,000.

Of course, he’s not the only one struggling in Hollywood.

For every star who publicly admits to their past sins, others share their personal struggles with sincerity. Robert Downey Jr. helped build the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the ground up, but before becoming Iron Man, he struggled with serious addiction issues.

He even spent time in prison before overcoming his demons, and he’s open about his struggles along the way.

Actor Michael J. Fox has used his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis to create a foundation to raise millions of dollars to fight the incurable disease.

Another star who seems to have it all is Angelina Jolie. She is an Oscar-winning actress whose wealth and fame have been steady for decades.However, she recently admitted to The Wall Street Journal Magazine She hates living in the public eye and a desire to move to a more authentic place rather than spending time in Los Angeles.

When I first started, I didn’t expect to be in the public eye and share so much. This is part of what happened to me after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel freely. I move whenever possible I grew up in a very shallow place. Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity.

Celebrities often virtue signal on social media and in fawning interviews. In most cases, its empty words and opinions will hardly change people’s hearts. Sometimes stars just use their prepackaged opinions to prepare for their next show.

What Duplass, Downey Jr. and Foxx are doing is different. This is a personal and substantial case of stars using their pulpits to make a difference in the lives of others.

That’s real star power.

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